Become a Mason

To become a Mason you must be a male, at least 18 years of age, of good character, and profess a belief in a Supreme Being.  You must then of your own free will petition a Masonic Lodge for the degrees in masonry.  Afterwards, unless you already know several members of the lodge, you will be asked to visit the lodge a few times.  This is done so you can meet the members and ask any questions you may have.  After meeting you, those members who feel that you will be a good candidate will then serve as references.

A completed petition will be brought before the lodge at the next Stated Meeting, and an investigation committee will be formed.  This sometimes intimidates potential candidates, but investigators simply need to make sure you are of good character and understand the process.  We aren't perfect, and we don't expect candidates to be perfect... just willing to become better.

After completing the investigation, the committee will report its findings and the lodge will ballot on your petition.  If the ballot is favorable, you will be contacted and receive the Entered Apprentice degree.

Unlike other social organizations, masonry does require some commitment.  It's not the type of organization you join simply to network, and to advance in the degrees will take some time and effort.  Of course the end result is well worth the work!

If you would like to learn more, the Grand Lodge of Texas has a page explaining the process of petitioning here, and watch the videos below for more information.